First Fasting Day

Today,we’re getting in 1 August 2011.

What happen in that’s date ? For the moslem in the other world,especcially the moslem in Indonesia,we’re begin to get in Ramadhan Month.Marhaban ya Ramadhan for all,please pleasure my minimistake if I have it ! 🙂

So,what’s the different between Ramadhan month with the others month ?

In Ramadhan month,the moslems must do the fasting during 1 month.The fasting is obligations where we don’t eat,drink,and many more from shubuh time until maghrib time.

Wow,it can make us stressing !

Haha,don’t think like that.
From all peoples who do fasting,don’t spend your time with sleep,sleep,and sleep.If you’ve a long time,you can use it to do Tadarus Qur’an,Silaturahmi to the others,Praying Sunnah,and more useful activities.Because in Ramadhan month,if you do it,Allah will give the rewards to you 100x more than usual.

Keep think positively,and do this because Allah 😀

Marhaban ya Ramadhan all,I hope you can pass this month with much hidayah and valuable experience. 😀


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