I’m coming Indonesia ! – Nazarudin

 Hello reader blog,long time don’t post again.
Why ? because,I’m busy now (it’s my classic reason) 😀

Yeah,it’s so,I begin my day as a student,and it’s so hard.Certainly,in the fasting month like this,we must keep our stamina.

Oke,back to the point,here my post 😀

Now,we often see in the media,the news of  ‘Coming back Nazaruddin’.After his runaway to some country in the world like Singapore,Malaysia,Kamboja,and many more.

Nazar Runaway’s has maked stress the politician in Indonesian,escpecially from Demokrat.He still ‘singing’ in the media world like Blackberry Messenger or Skype,about the politician in Indonesian who involved in the corruption games.He just laugh,when see the politician in Indonesian so nervous.

And,finally he was catched in Venezuela on 7 August 2011.And it’s the end of his runaway.

He ever said to media,he has the evidence about the politician who join in corruption games in this country.
Is it right ? Because from my opinion,I’m sure to him.

Now Nazar has been catched.If his opinion is right,I just hope he isn’t like Mr.Munir who was killed by toxic some years ago because he wanted to tell the facts about corruption games in Indonesian.

Yeah,we just can hope,be better to Indonesian,amin. 🙂


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