Thinking like Einsten #1

In beginning of the trip went to hometown yesterday,my family visited the aunt of my grandfather in Cirebon.There was the some different in here.What’s that ? The son of my grandfather’s aunt brought his books collection in here.

I found one book,that’s very interesting,it’s “How to Think Like Einsten”

We know Einsten,the genius scientist who found the relativity theory.The world recognized his cleverness.When I began to reading this book,I wanna to know what’s Einsten thinking type ?

Actually,Einsten thinking type is simple,that disorder the rules !

We must disorder the rules,to make our intellegence be wide.

Example in the classroom,we know the teacher teaches us,and we watch it.So,we must be critic.Don’t be silent,you must always ask,ask to your teacher’s about the lesson.

Don’t think,we ask to making the sensation.No ! We ask it because we don’t know that !

So,make wide our intellegence,and be critic.

Just waiting the second of this trilogy post,I will write it 😀


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