Don’t catch the rank,but catch that !

This post,begin my first day in school.After the long holiday in Ramadhan Month,now I begin my day again,as a student.In this post,I wanna to tell about my mind about lesson in the class.

Yeah,and I begin again and again,my day in class,where I will drink again,the water of knowledge 😀

Yap,everyday,we learn the lesson in school.And,day by day,until the taking of report book’s day,we will see,who is the first rank ?

Yeah,we always hope,we will be in first rank,with the good scores too.

But,from my opinion,we shouldn’t catch the first rank.Actually,the something that’s we must catch is knowledge.

Knowledge,is very more expensive than the good scores of report books,certificate,and many more.

I ever watched the film,that’s 3 Idiots.Where the protagonist character,that’s Rancho,studied in some college,to catch the knowledge.In the end of the film,we will know his name wasn’t Rancho.He is Chotte,who studied in the college using the name of the son’s employer house hold.

And finnaly,he has gotten his success,with found many invention,with 400 patents,and the world is finding him.

And we know,don’t catch the rank or score.Catch the knowledge,so the first rank and the others will catch you ! 🙂

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