Thinking like Einsten #2

Okay,here the second of the trilogy post about Einsten.And now,I will tell about the solution,how to winning the competition ?

And then,I turned on my handphone,and opened the draft of messages (I always write anything in here :D)

Okay,to the point,what’s that solution ?

I will describe it in Tic Tac Toe pole.Do you know Tic Tac Toe ? That’s the game like chess,the example picture,here it is.

Okay,have you known now ? 😀

There were 4 kind steps,to winning the competition,that’s :

1.Extra Turn

See that’s tic tac toe,the circle pawn have won.The circle pawn turned in the 3 turns,and the X pawn,just one !

The point is,you must make your turn,more than else.If anyone walk in 25 km,you must walk in 50 km.Anyone study 2 hours,you must 5 hours !

Overdo than anyone ! 😀

2.Using enemy’s property

That’s one step,using enemy’s property,above if that’s properties is very good than yours.You must be smart when exploiting the property of your enemies,to winning the competition.

Like our crusader’s,they used the weapon of defeat Dutch army,to opposed the Dutch Army else.

3.Flexible Turn

See that’s pawn,it won with the different turn.So your thinking pole must like that ! Thinking Flexibely,don’t always turn,within follow the rules.Makes your turn own,you can do it ! 😀


Cooperation,was needed by everyone in the competition.You can’t do it by your self.There’s the moment,where you should to ask help to someone.

And,this was the second of the trilogy Einsten post,wait the last post,see you 😀

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