Make ‘Hello World’ in C++

Today,I wanna to tell about the language program C++.If you don’t know about this language program,I will tell to you,who is C++ ? Let’s read it. 🙂

Before we know C++,we must know C language program.To the point,C is the development from B language program who founded by Ken Thompson at 1970.C is middle language program,between high and low.And C have the quality to make the software like WordStar,dBASE and many more.

And in 1980,Bjame Stroustrup developed the C language became C++ language program.The Superiority from C++,it have the fiture,that’s Object Oriented Program,that’s help to make the big and complex program.


To operate c++,maybe we can use Turbo C++,but now,I’m using the DevC++,because there’re many fiture in the apps,and it’s easy to compile and run the program 🙂 ,you can download DevC++ in here.

And how to make ‘Hello World’ in C++ ? Hmm,maybe you can use this syntax,let’s learn it.


#include <stdio.h>
#include <conio.h>

main() {
printf("Hello World");
getche(); }

And compile and run it,if you’re lucky,will be it.

(FYI,function getche(); was used to stop the program.Because if you’re not using that’s function,so the program will be exit)

Okay,let’s try it,good luck 🙂

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