Land in the Clouds,is it happen ?

Now,we just see in the newspaper or television,about the news of the conflict,corruption, murdered,robing,and many more.

I remembered again,I ever heard a song,that’s Katon Bagaskara – Negeri di Awan.It’s the song.

I like this song very much ! Very very much 😀 Because it’s tell about the land in the clouds,like peacefully and happiness in there.

We can see,the peoples in the video,they’re smile,they’re happy in there. 🙂

Is our country include the land in the clouds ?


In the peacefully.I think it’s not.Because we often see in the news of television,there are many conflict in this country.Like the conflict in Ambon,NTT,Papua,and many more.

Where is that’s peacefully ?

Are the peoples get their peacefully ?

There are not sinful (tidak berdosa) peoples who murdered in the accident.I just felt,about the sadness of them,and the sadness of their families who was leaved.


I just happy now,because I’ve a blog,and I can writing 😀 but,is the other peoples are happy in there ?

We can see in the video,the farmers are happy with their job.They hoe (mencangkul) the farm with smiling,and they bring the plant rice with smiling,and they eat the rice with smiling too 🙂

Actually,is our country like this ?

I ever saw in the television,there’re many farm who was dragged by the metropolitan business,where the farm replaced by real estate,restaurant,hotel,and many more.

And the farmer who was dragged their farm,lived in the way,there is not a house,there is not a job too.

Are they smiling ? Are they happy ?

The happiness,maybe was gotten by a corruptor,who eat the citizens money.They’re laughing,they’re smiling,because they’ve killed many peoples in this country.


Yes,we can see in the other side,they’re sad,they’re scared.

We just hope,maybe in a some day,this country,will be the land in the clouds,amin 🙂

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