Tell it ? No problem

Tell about love,maybe our faces still be red.Yeah maybe one of us feel it.Love,that’s word always friendly in our mind.Love,where it’s seen in first time,when we were getting in teen age.

Tell about love,maybe it’s tell too about how to express it.For a boy,you can tell to her,for a girl,you still waiting him,to tell it to you.

Tell about love,it’s simple,but complicated.Why simple ? Because we just live in this world,not a long time.Why complicated ? Maybe you can answer it 🙂

Maybe you can listen this song,Kahitna – Katakan Saja,I often hear this song,when I’m studying 😀

I like the reff lyrics 😀 ,that’s..

Katakanlah saja,bila kau benar benar cinta,jangan kau ragu ragu,karena ku sungguh sungguh..

Katakanlah saja,bila kau benar benar sayang,jangan kau buat aku,terlalu lama menunggumu..

The song is tell about,maybe our egoism,who never talk about our love to someone.

Reading the title of post,actually no problem if we tell about our love to someone.It’s not strange,because we’re human,who have heart.

Tell our love,can with everything,example by face to face,messages,texting phones,and many more.

And tell about love,it will be beautiful,if we begin to do it.

Let’s go ! 😀

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