Play with Puppy Linux in VirtualBox

Howdy my blog readers,long time I don’t post.Okay,now I wanna to post about a operating system.Not windows,that is Linux.

Do you know Linux ? That’s a operating system that founded by Linus Trovald in 1991.Linux is Linus Unix,or a developing from UNIX Operating System.

Linux,is special than another Operating System.Linux is open source,and it’s free,you can download it legally.Not like Windows that have a licence to buy it.And Linux,it’s fantastic in security 😀

Linux has a lot of version.The new version of Linux is Ubuntu.But in here,I will try to using Puppy Linux.

Why Puppy Linux ? Because it have a small size,just 130 MB,and it’s easy to use.

Okay,let’s try it. 🙂

1.Download Puppy Linux in here.

2.After that,download VirtualBox in here

3.And Install Virtualbox,let’s find the steps in google,or you can read it

4.Open virtualbox,and open a puppy linux file that you’ve downloaded.The steps in here

5.Okay,Puppy Linux can used 😀

Let’s try it,go open source ! 😀


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