Hello..Now I’m writing something in this blog.

Last time,I wrote homework in my school.

Everybody tweeting,and they always write.

Actually,what problems with write word ?

Everyday,we write.In school,we write in our workbooks.If our heart is hurt,we write in diary or blog.We write too,to send our feelings to someone,and we write too,if we want to make a song or poet.

Write,write,and write!

I like writing,yeah.I don’t know why.Usually,when I’m studying,I always write a summary from every course in school.I just know,If I write it,I will understand it.Yeah,write !

Don’t be afraid to writing.We write for expression,we write for ambition,we write for our day.Don’t be afraid to writing,because we’re writing,not other people.And don’t be afraid to writing,because we proud with our write 🙂

Write is art,there are many artists who writing.We can work by writing.We can get money from writing.Kak Raditya Dika could pay his college fees,with a royalties from KambingJantan novel which be best seller in Indonesia.

Kak Ahmad Fuadi,he was writing too in local newspaper,to pay his college fees.Until he got a scolarship to abroad.Yeah,with writing,we can life !

Writing can be sharing knowledges.We can see in Ilmukomputer.com,there are many peoples,who writing to share their knowledges to other people about computer.Our knowledges is useful,if we share it to other people.

Let’s write from now,write useful things,be active,be creative ! 😀


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