PTC Money – Finding money in Internet

Internet is fantastic.In Internet,we can blogging.In internet,we can chat with other people.In Internet,we can play games.We can do anything in Internet,from positive things,until negative things.

And we can do something in internet,we can finding money !

Wow,fantastic ! 😀

There are many ways,to find money in Internet.The one way is PTC.What’s that ?

PTC is Pay to Click,or where we will get money,just with click something in an ads.Click and click,if the money is lot,we can withdraw it.Really-really simple,isn’t it ? 😉

And lot of PTC webs is free registration.We can sign up free,but if we want executive service,we can sign up in Premium Account.

There are lot of PTC web with Free Registration in this time,several of them are :

1.Big Money PTC (

Big Money PTC is one of Free PTC in Internet.In BMPTC (Big Money PTC),we can click 6 ads (it usually,for free user).Per click,we’re paid 1 dollar/$1.If the money has gotten in $1.000,we can withdraw it in Paypal.

Interesting,isn’t it ? 😀

2.Ten Dollar Click (

The concept of TDC (Ten Dollar Click) almost like BMPTC.But in TDC,if we click one ads,we’re paid $10.And if our money gotten $10.000,we can withdraw it.Interesting too,isn’t it ? 😀

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