Hello,I’m writing now and I update this blog.I think it’s motivate,and I hope you’re motivated too. 🙂

Last time in my school,when I arrived in my class,I saw a sentences in my class whiteboard,it’s inspirate,that :


I didn’t know who did wrote this sentences.A lot of my friends said,I wrote it.But no,I didn’t write it.

Let’s we go into about Chance. 😀

First,everything is chance,yes we know all things in other of us are chance.If we do something,it’s chance to help people.We can go to school,it’s our chance to get a lot of science.We help someone,and we were shot in Television,it’s chance 😀

Chance,sometimes it come accidently.Example from my experience.When I’ve prayed in mosque in my school,I wore my shoes,and in my side,was Mr.Dadan,my english teacher.

I greeted him,and I asked him (in Indonesian),actually it’s not serious,”Sir,I want to express my english very much,but in my side,example in my family,they talk Indonesia to me.I don’t know to whom I can express it”

Mr Dadan answered,”Do you want  to talk english with me ? We begin it tomorrow,don’t say Indonesian to me,won’t you ?”

Okay,finnaly just because I asked him,until now I still talk English with him.It’s surprise,I wasn’t serious when I asked it.And I got a chance,that came accidently 🙂

Don’t leave chances in your side,because it’s useful to you !

Second is,chance is everything.In my experience that,after I begin to talk english with Mr Dadan,I can express my english as much.My mouth is getting used with English Vocabulary.I’m getting used with English Conversation.Example,when I greeted him,“Assalamu’alaikum sir,how do you do ?”

Firstly,my mouth isn’t getting used to do it,but after that,my mouth is getting used for it 😀

And Alhamdulillah,because that,Mr Dadan promise to write in my report book scores up to 80.And because that too,sometimes he tell about me in other class.

Not I’m arrogant,I just share about it,and I believe,chance is everything 😀

Everything is chance,and chance is everything,don’t you leave it 😉

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