When we face exam

When I’m typing this post,I am in a week,where in that week is full with exams.Because that,in 5 days I wasn’t writing in this blog.Okay,for you who waiting update from this post,now I will writing it for you. 😀

Exam,usually was scared by student.If we scare dog,we scare exam too.So,exam often bite people,like dog,right ?

Okay,it’s just kidding.But it’s right exam was scared by student,but exam doesn’t bite people,because exam isn’t carnivora,and exam isn’t a animal.You know ? Yeah ? Okay,don’t thinking it again,hehe.

Exam,was scared by student,because it’s one of factor for our report book.If our report book is fantastic (amin,hehe),our parents will proud for us.But if it’s not good,okay you know..

When we face exam,first we must prepare.We must prepare everything.Pencil,eraser,and many more.Second,we must honest.Honest in our heart,that we won’t cheating.Because if we do best,the score will best too.Third,we must often to pray.Pray to God,that we hope we will get best result of this.

Okay,this post is short,I don’t know why,see you 😀


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