Characters of Leader

11 December 2011 ago,I did try out’s training that held by Nurul Fikri Course Bekasi.The location was in Grand Mall Bekasi.This event was held to examine students preparation for UN in April go,maybe 😀 .Yes,this event was joined by 354 students,from Bekasi and Jakarta.

I wouldn’t write my experience in this post.For my experience,you can read it in here.

So ? What will I write in here ?

After try out,there was a seminar from senior teachers in Nurul Fikri.This seminar was to motivated students,to don’t be afraid when face UN.One of them have great topic.That’s Characters of Leader.

Yes,like post title in here.

The speaker (I don’t know his name :D),told ‘If we want win,we must have characters of leader’.Actually,what’s that characters it ?

1.Have ambition,and target

Leader,have ambition and target.We life in this world,to get dream,to get our ambition.It so impossible if we life in this world with do nothing.With dream,we can motivated,and still run and run.

2.Would sacrificed

Leader,would sacrified.Example for his time.We must sacrified our time to study.Don’t be lazy.And we must do over than everyone.If everyone study 2 hours,we must study 4 hourse,or 6 hourse.Going to extra mile !

3.Keep on study and practice

Do you know Lionel Messi ? We know he is a superstar.He play in Favorite Football club,that’s Barcelona.And he was paid Rp.100 billion/week.Wow ! It’s fantastic.Actually,it’s not come instantly.

When Messi was 6 years old,he got in Barcelona FC Junior.He still practice and practice,he run 10 lap every morning,he never hands up.Yap,he has great spirit,until he can be now 🙂

4.Focus on Talent

Messi,he has a talent,that’s football.So he still focus on his talent.He practice and practice.He didn’t want be engineer or many more.He has one ambition,be football player.And his talent has maked him success like now.

So,found our talent,and develop it.

5.Dare to try,not afraid to fail

We ever fail.Everyone ever fail.So,don’t be afraid to fail.Thomas Alva Edison in his experiments,has tried 1000 lamp,but that’s all fail.But he has spirit,he has optimization.Imagine if he was afraid to try again.Maybe now it’s dark 😦

Remember that’s key,Man Jadda Wajada,and Man Shabara Zhafira,Insya Allah we’re in Allah way 🙂


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