Make simple desktop in windows,not heavy

Is your operating system Windows ? Or maybe Windows 7 or Vista ? Or (again) Linux 😀

Sometimes,we must smart to operate our windows.Where we install,and set many software in our desktop.If there’s little wrong,so windows will hang,annd we must re-install again.

I will show my screenshot windows,actually my desktop is simple.

Yes,it’s my windows,Windows XP Service Pack 2.It’s not legally windows (read : bajakan :D).I have ambition to try Linux OS,but I’m usually using Windows.Insya Allah in a someday,I will use Linux.I’ve a file .iso from Damn Small Linux and Puppy Linux,and I’ve tried it.Just try,not use it fully,hehe.

Okay,back to topic.In my desktop,I was installing a driver software (Possibly),and a small software,but it can work efficiently.That’s..

1.VLC Media Player

Firstly,I use VLC player to listening music and watching video.VLC player is Simple,Powerful,and Fast.It can play everything film extension like .mkv,.flv,.mp4,and many more.It can play a DVD,CD,and Webcams film.And it can open .srt file where often used as translation film.The size just 20 MB,not heavy,right ? 😉

So different with Windows Media Player,where it just can play a small of extension film.My computer sometimes always hang when using WMP.

2.Mozilla Firefox

Firefox,is second eficient appliaction in my desktop.I usually use it to browsing in Internet.Access speed from this browser so fast,and it’s not eat a lot of RAM.The size is small,just 14.00 MB,wanna to download ? 😉


Open is an appliaction that developed by Oracle.Usually I use it to work a homework from school.Open is like Microsoft Office.Where it have Writer as word processing, Calc as value processing, Impress as presentasion processing,and many more.

The size is 149 MB,it’s very small,wanna to use it ? 😀


Okay,it’s several from my software in my desktop.Maybe it help you who confuse to installing software.I hope it helpful,see you 😀


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