Inspirational Quote from Mrs.Karsinah

In saturday night this,I don’t go anywhere.I just texting with..ehm my stepsister ._. ,and opened my big books that always I bring everyday.I read and read,page by page,and I found two quotes from Mrs.Karsinah,and I think,I will post it now.

Who is Mrs.Karsinah ? She is my Geoghrapic and Sociology teacher in grade 9.There is different thing that Mrs.Karsinah have.She always give a motivation to her students,from first time she taught my class,until now,hehe.

Maybe because she’s a sociology teacher,she know about psychology,and because that she know about teenager,and always give her students many motivation.I think it’s great ! 😀

Okay,I wanna to write 2 quotes from her,that’s :

1.”Knowledge is very lot,knowledge is very broad,but because it very broad,we don’t know what will we take”.

This is her quote,err approximately 2 week ago,when I would to face UAS.She said knowledge is lot.Yes it’s right,knowledge is lot.very very lot.Because it’s very lot,we don’t know what will we take.

What must we do ? We must have target from now.We must have mission,what knowledge will we take.Is this computer science,or economy,or more ? We must know our ambition,focus for our talent,and take knowledges from our talent is.

Do what you wanna do,say what you wanna say now ! – Mocca 🙂

2.“Knowledges isn’t enough,without body knowledge”

Old saying ever said it,’People won’t know you’re great,if you don’t show it’.So just intelegence isn’t enough.You must be active to be great.Let’s say what you wanna say,express it ! Make your teacher proud of you.

Your body knowledge,example when you’re presentasing your homework in front of your class.If your homework is excellent,but your presentasion is bad,it’s  useless.Give nice opening in your presentasion,and give great closing.

Be smart,and be active ! 🙂


It’s two quotes from my teacher it.Maybe in someday,I will write it again,just wait,thanks 😀

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