Am I Perfect ?

Am I perfect ?

Are we perfect ?

We are not perfect,but we always think we’re perfect.

We can imagine,if we have everything we want.Sometime we always think we’re perfect human in the world.Like,if we get 1st rank in class,or we get best score in class,or many more.Yeah,because that we always think everything is our.

Maybe we ever got praise from someone.Like,’what smart you are !’ or ‘what handsome he is !’.Because praise,we can be arrogant.We can forget,who are we ? You think you’re perfect just because that ?

We just imagine if we have had everything,but ever we imagine if we lost everything we have ? Where everyone say suck to us.Where everyone silent to us.Where,we look bad in their look.

Believe,if we feel we’re perfect now,actually it just a test from God.God wanna to know our character.

So,don’t say you’re perfect.Nobody perfect,but we can catch perfectly 😉


I am badmood now,so I wanna to say sorry if my post is bad.Yeah you know my mood now,okay ? 😀


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