Where my first semester is over..

Today is holiday,because my school is preparing to report book day tommorow.Yaps,tommorow I (and my mom) will take my report book.And surely I’m dagdigdug.com to waiting my studying report along this semester.Yeah,I hope I get the best,amin 🙂

Okay,after the report day,so my first semester is over.In my grade nine,it’s difficult to addapting.There are lot homeworks that must I do.And there are lot of presentasion that must I talk to everyone in class.You can imagine,how I must blablabla everyday.And the teachers that have different,extreme,aggresive method to their students.

But in grade 9,there’s different thing than before class.That’s the teachers give a motivation in first day the students in grade 9.And surely,the teacher that I like her motivation is Mrs.Karsinah.Everyday she always give motivation.I always attent her saying,and write it in my bigbook 😀

Yap,she always say,’where we go ?’ ‘what’s your ambition ?’ ‘what’s university you want ?’ or ‘will you success in the someday ?’

And she ever said,if we want to get job directly,it’s better to study in Vocatinal High School.Because if we passed,we can work directly,or if we want to study again in university,it can.

But I,err I’m still in my target that I’ve created in grade 8.Yes,I want to continue in Senior High School.Want to know my target ? Waiting in the next next next post,I promise I will write it 🙂

Okay,back to my post.Where there are lot teachers with his extreme method,I found a teacher that different than anyone.That’s Mr.Dadan.He always make a joke in class.I always laugh because his joke,haha.And one word that unforgetable from him,it’s nyimeng.Do you know nyimeng ? In the first time,I didn’t know about it,but suddenly I know,nyimeng is … buy candy.

Mr.Dadan like candy very much.In his bag,or his pocket,always found candy in there.I like if he say,’Nyimeng lo !’ with Gabus accent 😀

Along this semester,2x I got nyimeng -_-,but I often got candies from Mr.Dadan because I can answer his question.He and his wife,Mr.Emalia Karmina that teach too in my school as English Teacher (too),is the best teacher I know 🙂

Maybe in the begining of second semester,I am not blogging in longtime,because a lot of homework,and training to face UN.I hope I can pass UN with best score,and can continue in best high school too,amin 🙂

Wassalamu’alaikum Warrahmatullahi Wabarakatuh


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