Long long time,haven’t opened it again

HELLO WORLD !!! 😀 (Like programmer who post his first code)

Silently,it’s one word I feel now.

It’s so long I haven’t opened my blog.Because my rutinity is very lot.You know,I’m preparing for National Examination.You can imagine that,in night day my studying schedule be very very lot,and also in school,where school held Extra Lesson to face UN.Because that,no time I have to open this blog.

And now,I’m opening it,Alhamdulillah the hits now more from 10,000 ! Thanks to open it ! 😀

When I opened google.com and typing keyword msatrio,it’s show my blog,alhamdulillah,finally.. 😀

When I checked alexa.com,it’s amazing hits movement ! From rank 13,000,000 to 7,000,000

It’s fantastic movement ! Thanks for my visitor ! Maybe,after I’ve done my UAS,UN,UP,and another exam,I will post again in this blog,just waiting 😀


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