Morality from Tokyo Drift

Hola all !

Back with me again,today (in night) I wanna to post english again,hehe :p

It’s so long I haven’t posted again in english,err because I post it to improve my writing skills,and now for improve it again,I’ll write in english again,hehe.

I wanna to share about my favorite movie,do you know it ? Let’s find,what’s my favorite movie ? You know what ? :p

Okay,do you know the serial from The Fast and The Forious movie ? Actually I like the third of the serial,that’s The Fast and The Forious : Tokyo Drift.I like this movie very much,because it tell about my dream town (amin :p) and there are several morality that can we learn from the movie.

From five serial of films,I like it very very much ! I have the film download in my netbook,sometimes I watch it,hehe.

The Cover of Tokyo Drift

Before I tell it,I will tell you about the short narration of the movie.It tells a boy,named Sean Boswell who like wild race very much.When he was judged by police to the jail,her mom saved him by negotiating with the police.Because what had he done,he must move to Japan,to his (ex) father home.

In Japan,he want to be kind boy,but who says ?! He find his world in there..

Okay,what’s morality of that film ?

1.Don’t be afraid,in all situation

In the first story,Sean was challanged by a rich boy to race.For you know,that rich boy is popular in his school.He had wide comunity,and he’s a star in his baseball club.But Sean that just a new student in there (Sean has moved several times because his doing) approved it to race.He wasn’t afraid because it,with his classic american car,he fought with Dodge Viper that rich boy has.

And Sean won ! Although he was wrong because his doing,and it maked him move to Japan.

2.If you’ve choosen a choice,don’t move backward !

In Japan,Sean thought he will be good boy in there..but it’s wrong.Because Tokyo brought him again to wild race world.When he race with DK and he lose,and he crashed Han’s car too (Sean was borrowed car by Han because he had nothing).But he won’t move backward,he want to pay his responbilities,and it bring him to learn drift with Han.

And when Han was dead,he went to Kamata’s place,ask apologise to him,and pay his responbilities by racing with DK (again)

3.Never give up

Day by day he did by learn drift with Han.In the first time,he was just a rookie boy.He got a laugh from his friend,and lot again.But he never give up.He work in Han’s garage,learn about machine,drift technical,and lot again.Until he beat Morimoto in second race,and this is the result from Sean’s spirit.

And this is several morality that can we get in that film,do you have another morality ? Let’s tell here ! 😉

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